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iPad Mini yang baru dilancarkan baru-baru ini bakal mula dijual 2 November ini kepada umum di beberapa negara terpilih (Malaysia tidak termasuk. huhu..). 

Bagaimanapun, beberapa jurnalis teknologi yang popular bertuah untuk mencuba atau review iPad Mini terlebih dahulu. Jadi, mari kita baca apa komen-komen (review) dari jurnalis teknologi ini tentang ipad Mini.

Joshua Topolsky of The Verge gave the iPad Mini a 9/10 and claimed it as one of the best 7 inch tablet with excellent build quality. He noted that although that low-res screen seemed lacking, but the ecosystem and the hardware made it up.
“There’s no tablet in this size range that’s as beautifully constructed, works as flawlessly, or has such an incredible software selection…
…The iPad mini hasn’t wrapped up the “cheapest tablet” market by any stretch of the imagination. But the “best small tablet” market? Consider it captured.”
Here’s Engadget‘s take on Apple’s iPad Mini,
“This is, in many ways, Apple’s best tablet yet, an incredibly thin, remarkably light, obviously well-constructed device that offers phenomenal battery life. No, the performance doesn’t match Apple’s latest and yes, that display is a little lacking in resolution, but nothing else here will leave you wanting. ”
CNET also had something similar to say about it,
“It’s light enough to hold in one hand, something the iPad was never really able to achieve for extended periods of time. It’s bedroom-cozy. Other full-fledged 7-inch tablets feel heavier and bulging by comparison. This is a new standard for little-tablet design. It makes the iPad feel fresh. After a week of using the iPad Mini, it seems to find a way to follow me everywhere. It’s extremely addicting, and fun to use.”
Jim Dalrymple of The Loop noted that,
“I was really surprised with how much I used the iPad mini in my daily routine — more than the 10-inch iPad. There are a couple of things you have to remember with the iPad mini. First, it isn’t just a smaller iPad, but rather it feels like its own device
The second thing is that what seems like a little bit of extra screen real estate on the iPad mini makes a huge difference. Everything just works on the mini — all of your old apps, iCloud, everything. It works.”
TIME Tech advised to get the iPad Mini over any other 7-incher if you have the budget,
“If your budget’s got more wiggle room, the iPad Mini is the best compact-sized tablet on the market. Apple didn’t build yet another bargain-basement special; it squeezed all of the big iPad’s industrial-design panache, software polish and third-party apps, and most of its technology, into a smaller thinner, lighter, lower-priced model.”
While TechCrunch’s MG Siegler said that,
“In my review of the Nexus 7 (which I really liked, to the shock of many), I kept coming back to one thing: the form-factor. Mix this with iOS and Apple’s app ecosystem and the intangibles I spoke about earlier and the iPad mini is an explosion of handheld joy.”
In his iPad Mini review, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Rich Jaroslovsky said that,
“The most striking thing about the mini is in how thin and light it is. It is really thin and light. Crazy thin and crazy light, even.
Despite the mini’s larger screen, at under 11 ounces it weighs a full 21 percent less than the Kindle Fire HD, and 9 percent less than the Nexus 7. It’s also 30 percent thinner than either of them, thinner, in fact, than a pencil.”
The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg also had some great things to say about the iPad Mini,
“In my harsh battery test, where I play videos back to back with the screen set at 75% and the Wi-Fi on to collect email, the iPad mini exceeded Apple’s battery life claim of 10 hours and lasted 10 hours and 27 minutes.
The Guardian says the mini is well worth its higher price tag:
“Lining those pluses and minuses up against those for the Nexus 7 – which garnered four stars – there’s no doubt that this is indeed a five-star device. The 20% difference in comparative price is more than made up by the difference in build quality and software selection.”
John Gruber of Daring Fireball:
“In both the Geekbench and SunSpider benchmarks, the Mini performs identically to the iPad 3 — about 750 in Geekbench (where bigger means faster) and 1,450ms in SunSpider (where lower times are faster). The new iPad 4 blows those numbers away (1,750 Geekbench, 850ms SunSpider), but I’d say iPad 3-caliber performance in a $329 radically smaller device is pretty good.”
“Apple quotes up to 10hrs of wireless browsing over Wi-Fi for the iPad mini, or up to 9hrs if you’re using the tablet’s cellular connection. In practice, with a mixture of browsing, some video playback, games, music – both locally-stored and streaming – and messaging, we comfortably exceeded Apple’s estimate. In fact, we exceeded 11hrs of use before encountering a battery warning.”
FOX News noted that,
“After a few days I started to prefer the mini to my larger iPad despite its lack of a Retina screen. It even made my larger iPad look old fashioned. Awkwardly large. The mini is fast, impressively light — weighing in at just over 10 ounces — and easy to keep with me at all times.”
Semua review bagus-bagus tentang iPad Mini ni, ni yang buat nak beli satu ni.. hehe :D



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