Awas Wanita! Rompakan Dalam Tandas di Pusat Beli-Belah

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by Unknown ·

Sebelum ini heboh dengan isu rompakan dan penculikan di kawasan parking kereta pusat beli-belah (shopping mall). Pusat beli-belah yang terlibat pula bukan pusat beli-belah biasa tapi terkemuka dan menjadi tumpuan ramai di KL ni.

Kini muncul pula berita terbaru. Juga berlaku di pusat beli-belah, bukan di kawasan parking kereta tapi di tandas dalam pusat beli belah. Ya..dalam tandas pusat beli belah (shopping mall toilet).

Kejadian rompakan di dalam tandas pusat beli-belah ini diceritakan sendiri oleh mangsa yang mengalami kejadian tersebut. Mangsa berkongsi saat-saat cemas itu Facebook miliknya.

Hi guys, this is what happened to me on 23rd July 2012 (Monday) and I want to share it out to everyone, especially girls.

We all know shopping malls carpark are not safe, but now, the WASHROOMS are not safe too!!!

I was back from college and I stopped by at Sunway Pyramid today.

I was holding my MacbookPro, my Iphone and my handbag.

It was 5:35pm and I wanted to go to the washroom. I went into the ladies washroom at LG floor, opposite MPH, alone.

When I walked to the washroom area, there was one guy (malay-looking, or indonesian, something like that) was sitting at the bench. I looked at him and he seemed like he's waiting for someone, so I didnt think much and went into the washroom.

Then I chose a cubicle and I placed my laptop, my phone and my handbag on the desk-thing behind the toilet bowl.

The washroom was empty, it made me a lil bit worry. So i paid extra attention.

Then I walked out from the cubicle to get tissue outside. I was just being very slow since I was not urgent.

When I walked out from the cubicle, I saw the guy at the doorstep of the ladies from the mirror. He saw me too so he backed off. I thought he went into the wrong toilet so I din scream since he has already back off. Then I proceed to get my tissue. But I've started suspecting.

I have this habit that I'll wipe the toilet bowl and place tissue on it only I'll sit down, so I was slowly nicely placing the tissue. I haven't taken off any garments on me yet.

Then I heard footsteps. I was worry. So I stopped placing the tissue, I stood there and I paid attention to the footsteps.

I heard the footsteps went into the cubicle next to me. It was not heels step. It was heavy flat shoes footsteps. Then I was still standing there because I was suspecting. (I cant be sure if it's the toilet worker)

Suddenly, a hand appeared above me and it grabbed my handbag on the desk-thingy behind the toilet bowl. Then I saw the guy.

He had shoulder length hair, wearing brown/gray tshirt, long pants.

I was already paying attention so I roared at the guy and ran out to chase him.

He was scared maybe, so he dropped my bag on the floor and ran away.

I'm not sure if he took anything, so I ran out together with him wanted to chase him.

There was 3 witnesses outside the toilet. And they helped me to chase too.

The fail robber ran down the staircase behind the washrooms. Then I quickly went back into the washroom to check if anything of mine got stolen.

Thank God, as my phone and laptop was out of my bag, it was still there. And my bag was on the floor, purse is still inside.

I have only RM40 left inside my purse so I was not so worry about it. It's just most importantly my phone and my laptop, and my ICs and license ( i hv no credit cards so it's fine).

Everything of mine was not being stolen. And I was safe.

Then I clarified with the 3 witnesses and I quickly went to the customer service desk to report about this. Told the management the whole story and I guess they're working harder with their mall security.

Just want to share this out to everyone because in Malaysia now, even just going to the washroom in shopping mall is not safe anymore.

Luckily I havent get my pants off as I was slowly cleaning the toilet bowl. If not, I wouldnt get to run out to chase the robber at the first second.

Especially to the girls, please be extra careful when you go to the washrooms, avoid entering it alone.

Please pay more attention to the people around the washroom before entering it.

If the washroom is empty, avoid entering.

And hope the shopping malls will pay more attention to the security, not only with the carparks, but also the washrooms.

I'm fine over here. Thank God for blessing.

And may God bless everyone else too.

Please be extra careful.

sumber : Facebook

p/s : Boleh baca versi Bahasa Malaysia di blog.ariff


Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 24 July, 2012

rasa nye dah tak selamat kat malaysia nih.... nih gara² malas nak cari keje... seme nak keje mudah

salam ramadhan....

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