Labah-Labah Senyum

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 by Unknown ·

Labah-labah senyum ? Biar betul ? Labah-labah boleh senyum ke ? Tak percaya, lihat gambar di bawah.

Amacam ? Nampak labah-labah sedang tersenyum kan. Hehe..

Labah-labah ini dipanggil Happy Face Spider kerana bentuk tompok pada belakang badanya seperti raut muka yang sedang tersenyum. Labah-labah ini dijumpai di Pulau Hawai. Saiznya hanya beberapa milimeter dan tidak berbahaya kepada manusia.

The photographer who was delighted to capture the unusual creature on camera was Darlyne Murawski from Massachusetts, US.

She said: 'I took the picture when I was in Maui, while I was there I wanted to take the opportunity to see if I might be able to find a Happy Face Spider.

'We spent a while looking before we discovered one under a leaf in the rainforest.
'They're so tiny, they're difficult to find and you have to look at them through a magnifying glass to see the smiley face. - Daily Mail


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