Nak Marah.. Budak Lagi...Sabor Jer Lah...

Sunday, December 04, 2011 by Unknown ·

Oh no! 'iPod Touch + open bathroom door = a hard lesson learned

Dye job: A mother explains her green cat... 'My almost two-year-old daughter coloured Smoosh the kitten when I was in the shower'

It's all in the delivery...: One anonymous submission saw a car bonnet finely, indelibly, scratched with a very sweet message

Computer says no: 'I left my two year old alone for less than ten minutes to put my other one down for a nap. Bad idea,'

Eggselent toys: 'My plans to make frittata...'

IT malfunction: 'Maybe it's a Crayola washable marker, you might wonder. Nope. That would be a big, fat, wedge-tip Permanent marker' says one long-suffering mother

Haha.. sapa yang ada anak-anak kecik, mesti pernah alami situasi cam di atas kan.....sabor jer lah kan....

sumber : Daily Mail


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