Iklan iPhone 5 Mula Kelihatan di China

Friday, September 30, 2011 by Unknown ·

iPhone 5 belum lagi dilancarkan secara rasmi olep Apple, tetapi iklan iPhone 5 sudah mula kelihatan di China.

Cuba lihat iklan bunting di atas. Tajuk iPhone 5 tapi guna gambar iPhone 4. hehe

Macam-macam hal diorang ni

The Chinese characters below the iPhone say something to the effect of, "Now accepting advanced orders."

Though Apple has not even announced the existence of an iPhone 5 yet, this Dalian Apple reseller is now the second company to start accepting pre-orders for the next-generation Apple phone: German phone carrier Deutsche Telekom recently announced that, despite having no information about the specs or release date, it would begin taking reservations for the iPhone 5 in order to avoid "supply bottlenecks." That promotion, however, was not accompanied by a photo of what appears to be a artist's mock-up of what the next iPhone might look like. - huffingtonpost.com


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