Apa Itu Parking MATA? Cara Menggunakannya ?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011 by Unknown ·
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Apa itu parking MATA ?

Parking MATA aplikasi Android pertama yang boleh membantu pemandu Malaysia untuk mengelakkan 'saman'.

Parking MATA is the first Android app that can help Malaysian driver to steer clear of 'summons'

Cara menggunakan aplikasi Parking MATA / How to use

Tap on “PARK“ to your vehicle location

After PARK success, tap on "HIDE" to hide the app.

If any "MATA" is spotted near where your vehicle, our system will send you alert asking you to run for your money!

Of course, you can help others as well when you saw MATA by sending off alert. Tap on "SAW MATA".

In the setting, you can set the alert distance as well as turning off the alert sound.

Difahamkan, aplikasi Parking Mata boleh mula digunakan

* Android Market on 8th September 2011
* AppStore on 8th October 2011
* OviStore on 8th November 2011

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