SuperChef - Periuk Serbaguna Yang Boleh Masak Apa Sahaja

Saturday, July 23, 2011 by Adie Salleh ·

Periuk serbaguna ini diberi nama SuperChef. Sesuai dengan namannya, periuk ini boleh digunakan untuk memasak apa sahaja jenis masakan. Periuk SuperChef boleh digunakan untuk mengoreng, membakar dan mengewap (steam).

The gadget can be set to prepare, for example, a steaming stew, pasta dish or a whole roast chicken.

It has 11 cooking functions, which include steaming, frying and baking, as well as a special rice and pasta mode.

Users simply place their ingredients in a removable aluminium bowl, which is non-stick and allows for even heat distribution.

For frying, oil is needed. And for steaming or boiling, the user must add water. - Daily Mail


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