Malee Duangdee - Remaja Perempuan Paling Tinggi di Dunia

Thursday, April 14, 2011 by Unknown ·

Inilah dia remaja perempuan paling tinggi di dunia, Malee Duangdee. Dengan ketinggian 6 kaki 10 inci , Malee Duangdee dinobatkan perempuan tertinggi di dunia oleh Guinness Book of World Records pada januari 2009 mengalahkan rekod yang dipegang sebelum itu oleh Elisany Silva dari Brazil yang tingginya 6 kaki 9 inci.

Malee Duangdee berasal dari timur Thailand.

At the age of nine, her mother, Ji, 40, took her to see a doctor because she noticed a difference between her daughter and her friends and she wanted to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong with her.

Medics found a brain tumour that was pressing on a nerve. This caused a hormone imbalance which meant she never stopped growing - and now she has to have an injection that costs £2,000 every three months to control her growth.

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sumber : Daily Mail


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