Budak Perempuan 3 Tahun Hidap Kanser Payudara

Monday, January 10, 2011 by Unknown ·

Penyakit yang ditakuti oleh manusia di zaman ini adalah salah satunya penyakit kanser. Penyakit kanser yang selalu menyerang wanita adalah kanser payudara dan kebiasaannya menyerang wanita dewasa.

Tetapi budak perempuan dalam gambar di atas, Aleisha Hunter dari Toronto merupakan kanak-kanak perempuan berumur 3 tahun pertama yang didiagnos menghidap kanser payudara. Manusia paling muda menghidap kanser payudara!

Tetapi kini setelha berumur 4 tahun, dia disahkan oleh doktor bebas dari kanser payudara.

Aleisha Hunter, from Toronto, Canada, needed a mastectomy after doctors discovered the cause of a lump which appeared on her chest in December 2008 when she was two.

However she is now clear of the disease - and now aged four, has been speaking about what happened to her.

'I know I had cancer in my booby and that the doctors made it better,' she said. 'I know that cancer can make some people go to heaven, but I am better now.'

Her mother, Melanie, said she was 'stunned' when she found out the cause of the lump on her daughter's chest, which she first noticed while drying her after a bath.

'It was a tiny little hard lump, the size of a pea,' she said. 'I thought it was a harmless cyst.' - Daily Mail


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