Tom Cruise Panjat Burj Khalifa

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 by Unknown ·

Nampak tak helikopter sedang berlegar-legar dekat puncak Burj Khalifa? Helikopter tersebut sedang merakamkan aksi lagak ngeri Tom Cruise untuk filem terbaru Mission Impossible IV. Dan aksi lagak ngeri bergayut di luar Burj Khalifa di tingkat 124 itu dilakukan sendiri oleh Tom Cruise. Giler berani!

Lagi gambar...

Mr Mathew, who lives in Dubai, said: ‘My sister Caitlin is visiting from our home town of Norwich. I told her I was going to show her something really special and took her to the tower with my wife and kids.

‘When we got there we saw this pair of legs outside and assumed it must be a very brave window cleaner. Then Caitlin shouted, “That’s Tom Cruise!” I said, “Don’t be ridiculous”, but sure enough, it was. I grabbed my camera and he smiled and laughed.

‘He was cool as a cucumber. Anyone brave enough to film up the Burj Khalifa Tower deserves a Hollywood pay cheque.’ - Daily Mail


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