Pokok Agave Setinggi 25 Kaki

Monday, August 23, 2010 by Unknown ·

They planted the agave americana as a cutting in 1987 and later moved it from the greenhouse into the back garden.

For two decades it did nothing and Mrs Godfrey and her husband, 80, were tempted to get rid of it. ‘I threatened to put weed killer on it on many occasions,’ she said. ‘I’m glad I didn’t.’

The Agave, a succulent, is known as a Century Plant because of its life-cycle. It flowers only once after decades of dormancy and then dies.

A Royal Horticultural Society expert said: ‘They build up their resources and, when strong enough, shoot up. This uses up all its energy and it dies.’

He said a run of milder winters may have promted it to sprout.

sumber : daily mail


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