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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 by Unknown ·

Thank you for all your support to our Referral Campaign. No, we are not going to end this program. In fact, we are going to continue the Referral Campaign due to your countless support with even better deal. :D Join our Referral Club and start referring your friends or anyone in your network to us. By becoming a member you are not only will earn extra income, you will also stand a chance to win Coffee Bean Voucher worth RM50! The winner will be picked randomly for each month. Now, you can enjoy the sweet coffee scents with your friends while making money with our Referral Club. So hurry up and don't miss out this great deal!
How much can I make?
Commission Scheme
Web Hosting Plan Commission
10GB Starter Plan RM80 per sale
300GB Advanced plan RM120 per sale
Semi Dedicated / VPS / Server Co-location RM200 per sale
Dedicated VM Server RM400 per sale
Get BONUS upon Sign Up RM50
Join Now!
How to Join?

Step 1 - Join Net Onboard Referral ClubClick here to sign up Net Onboard Referral Club.
Find out What is Net Onboard Referral Club? / How to join?

Step 2 - Refer to Net OnboardAfter you become a Net Onboard Referral Club Member, you can place the banner to your website and start refer your friends, colleagues or simply anyone to Net Onboard Products/Services.

Step 3 - Earn Referral CommissionYou can earn up to RM400 per referred sales & get RM50 Bonus upon signup. To check on the commission scheme, click here.

Step 4 - Win Coffee Bean Voucher worth RM50The more you refer, the higher chances for you to win!


Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

1. Hi aok! Lama tak nampak..balik cuti kat T'ganu ker?

2. cam best jer campaign nih tapi saya tak leh view properly maybe screen resolution saya kot - shrink

3. Thanx for sharing..

Unknown said...
Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

1. yup. naper? rindu ke? haha..
2. oh! lupa taruk linknye. bleh check kat blog.netonboard.com
3. sama²

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

rindu??? pe..lissssss

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