Internet Explorer 8 Beta Version

Saturday, August 30, 2008 by Mr PenyuBiru ·
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Microsoft Corp. took the wraps off the latest test version of its Internet Explorer browser on Wednesday, unveiling new privacy and security features as the company battles the upstart Firefox browser. Internet Explorer 8 offers users greater control over whether to save or erase their browsing history, “cookies” and other data. It also includes a browsing tool called an accelerator, which allows users to highlight text on a Web site and then choose from a variety of functions, including different search engines, language translation or map displays.

Microsoft released a version of the new browser for Web developers to test earlier this year. The version released Wednesday is available for all consumers to download. Microsoft commands 73% of the browser market, while Firefox has 19% market share, according to research firm Net Applications. Microsoft’s lead has fallen in recent years. Just four years ago, Microsoft’s market share was more than 91%. In addition to Firefox, Apple Inc. is becoming more of a competitor as strong sales of Macintosh computers have boosted use of its Safari browser, which has about 6% of the market. Use of Firefox shot up in June when a new version was released. More than eight million people downloaded the application in the first 24 hours after it went public.

Source: WSJ


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