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Monday, June 16, 2008 by Mr PenyuBiru ·

Quick Bookmarks is an original free online bookmarks manager that allows you to access your bookmarks anywhere you are: at home, at work, from any internet connection point.

Organize Your Favorite Websites!
Quick Bookmarks can speed-up your web experience: you can organize your favorite sites using tabs and groups: no more time spent opening and closing folders looking for a link: all your bookmarks and news are entirely visible on your screen for a fast discovery and launch.
Quick Bookmarks also tracks your last access to each site, and it can provide you a list of your last recent visited bookmarks.
Moreover, if you want to take some notes on a site, you can do that.

Read News from your Favorite Feeds!
Your favorites RSS Feeds are welcome! QB works as an RSS feeds aggregator: you can place your news from your RSS Feeds everywhere you want in the page: near other bookmarks, or in Tabs completely dedicated to them.

Insert Gadgets!
Gadgets are small tools that you can insert into your page, like weather forecasts, sudoku puzzles, web cams, search engines, stock quotes and many many more.

This is a list of what you can do with QB:
  • Store and organize your bookmarks in Tabs and Groups.
  • Show the original site icons near every bookmark.
  • Keep notes on your bookmarks.
  • Show the last access time you have visited a site.
  • Have a list of the last accessed bookmarks, positioned everywhere you want, for a fast access to the most recently visited sites.
  • Have news from your favorites RSS Feeds, that you can place everywhere you want on your page.
  • Insert gadgets, like weather forecasts, sudoku puzzles, web cams, search engines, stock quotes and many many more.
  • Import/export bookmarks: you can import and export bookmarks to and from your favorite browser.
  • Easily organize your bookmarks using powerful tools to move and organize your favorite sites.

Ps : satu online services yang bagus! anda boleh mencubanya disini!


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